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Sandra Lee

I am so pleased I have Nate as my representative, he is everything a customer would want. He's professional, great communicator, efficient, reliable, and truly focuses on the customer. I happened to email him on a holiday giving him all the details. To my surprise, he personally called me back the same day. I never expected this because of it was a holiday! He said he would follow up the next morning at 8:00am and get back to me. Sure enough, he did with a positive resolution to my issue. He then said he would follow up by the 10th of the following month to make sure all was taken care of. Sure enough, he called me on the 10th, and everything was taken care of. I couldn't have asked for better service from Nate. I wished I had him for all my insurance needs. He is truly one of the best! Thanks Nate for taking care of me.

Linda Pape

I whole-heartedly recommend Nate Randolph as the “Go To” professional when you are trying to purchase the right Long Term Care policy for yourself or a family member. I had talked with a few other companies and was confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Right from the start, Nate’s calm, professional manner allowed me to stop and think about the information he was sharing. He didn’t just dispense information, he asked thoughtful questions about what I needed and really listened to my answers. He also answered all my questions and explained concepts until I truly understood what he was talking about! I never felt rushed and in the end I felt confident and secure in the decision I had made about my long-term care policy. Nate Randolph is someone you can count on to guide you through an important, yet complicated decision that affects your health care and finances in the future. Thanks Nate!

Nancy Jeffcoach

Nate was very easy to work with and professional. We had a very diffcult case due to my husband health issues. My husband had 21 surgeries in a year due to a accident, blood transfusions, in addition to bone and skin graffes. Throughout the process Nate kept us informed and reassured us that we would quality. And we did!! I can't tell you how exciting it was to hear. Not many insurance companies would support us after the accident and it was just thrilling to know we have this support to help us into our next journey. I have since recommanded this program and Nate to friends, family and co-workers. If you want piece of mind about your future call Nate.

Gail Abrahamson

Nate Randolph was ultimately professional and knowledgable. He walked us through this new area of thinking in a clear and understandable way. My husband and I appreciate his time and effort. Thank you so very much!

Carrie Millat

I very much appreciate the time and expertise Nate has offered me. I had a basic understanding of Long Term Care. His thoroughness, use of technology, and patience helped me to finally understand the ins and outs of LTC. Since our talk, I have had a sense of relief that I have now taken care of that aspect of my financial future. Nate has given me confidence that I have a good plan in place. Thank you, Nate!

Kim Owens

I want to recommend Nate Randolph to anyone looking for Long Term Care Insurance. He came to my office and spent an infinite amount of time going over every detail. He answered all of my questions and wanted to make sure I totally understood my policy. I now have peace of mind and I am not worried about my family having to take on this responsibility. Thank you Nate, for taking your time and understanding what was right for me.

Rhonda Weyer

Nate, came into our house and explained everything about Long Term Care Insurance with an understanding way. This made us both feel that we are making the right move and we have someone in our corner ALL the way. I recommend Nate to anyone who is looking at their health care in the future. With Nate knowledge of this industry and talking to us about the next step after we retire, wondering where we would get help from. We can now rest and feel that our health care is being taken care of before it is too late. Thanks Nate for your time and of course your smile..

Julie Avalos

It wasn't until my Mother required long term care that I started thinking about it for my own future. I knew somehow I needed to incorporate it into my "master plan" in life. I soon realized after my Mother's passing that it could no longer be put off. As Nate promissed, he gave me my space and got back in contact just at the right time. I am happy to say that I no longer worry about anybody in my family having to bear the burden of caring for me if I become impaired for some reason. This was all made possible due to Nate's knowledge of the industry - he fed me good information that ultimately helped me through the decision making process unscathed. I'm set. Thanks again Nate for your patience and understanding.

Janet Compton

I was uneducated about "Long Term Care Insurance" all I knew is that it was very important at my age to have Long Term Health coverage. Nate Randolph's approach was very helpful...he took his time and explained every detail and educated me on Long Term Care Insurance...After I understood what to expect he walked me through my needs and budget to my satisfaction. I was very pleased with the outcome and the peace of mind having Long Term health insurance is wonderful... Nate was a breath of fresh air. Thank you Nate for all your help and patience! I would highly recommend Nate to my friends and family.

Jean Nash

Nate helped me understand a complicated issue in a short period of time. My mere curiosity about long term care insurance, after his patient and thorough explanation, made me realize this was something I could use very well in my situation. He also determined the kind of coverage which made the best use of my limited resources. Now I definitely have more peace of mind and trust this is a good investment for myself and my family. I also appreciated his clear witness about serving Christ in this profession and how he enjoyed "having the best job on earth" since he could help so many people in a very practical way.

Gail O'Neill

I recommend Nate to people trying to make the right decision about a difficult subject--care of ourselves in our old age. Nate makes the subject understandable and also provides materials and resources to better educate yourself while you wait to receive your policy. You can feel you've made a good decision after working with Nate.


Nate-it was both inspiring and reassuring to discuss your approach to long term care insurance and the challenges it provides. Emotionally this is not an easy topic for most of us, yet realistically we all know, heart of hearts, that we must make time for it. After spending time with you personally, as well as in conversations, its clear you have the resources, expertise, and unbiased perspective to assist anyone seriously considering their options. Thanks again Gene

Steven Corum

I want to commend you on your presentation to Ruth and I. In my 20 years of owning a business, yours was the most professional presentation I have ever experienced. In developing rapport, you immediately picked up on three of my passions-- the "Peace" stones in my entry, the Welcome Plaque on my front door, and my Morning Revival book. It is so refreshing to meet a fellow Christian that can boldly, and positively, display his Christian values in his everyday living. Next, you walked us through the need-recognition process at a pace we could absorb. I am an analytical person and respond much better to a neutral, factual presentation rather than to fear and pressure tactics. Then, you led us step by step through the financial realities we need to evaluate in order to make an informed investment decision. And, at each transition, you continued to qualify us to determine if your presentation should continue. This both shows respect for us and places an increased value on your time.Lastly,

Kathy McKinney

Our experience working with Nate Randolph was very positive! He is honest, responsible, organized and found the long term insurance that best suited our needs within our budget. I would highly recommend Nate Randolph to help find the right long term insurance for you.
Nate was very easy to work with and professional. We had a very diffcult case due to my husband health issues. My husband had 21 surgeries in a year due to a accident, blood transfusions, in additi… Read More

Nancy Jeffcoach

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